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Gem Card Term!
Its that time again... Where our gymnasts work towards their milestone gem cards with a variety of skills on all equipment. These cards were created by Future Gymnastics to encompass the artistic side of gymnastics so all children can develop their skills on all the equipment they train on each week.
Each gem card represents a level named by a precious Gem! After a few weeks of practice we will have a certificate week. Gymnasts will get the respective card in a certificate form to gain stickers & stamps on all the things they can now achieve. The grading below is as follows: 6/10 = Pass 8/10 = Merit 10/10 = Distinction


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Weekly and after school classes are a great way for children to experience gymnastics with their friends in the familiar surroundings. Check availability and book your space.


Choose from our vast range of clinics

Clinics focus one one particular skill for an entire hour. We give gymnasts the fundamental skills and progressions they need in order to achieve the desired skill. Book today.


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Anyone can join us for holiday camps. You do not need to be a member of Future Gymnastics, or have previous gymnastics experience in order to have fun over the school holidays!