Club Competition

Club Competitions at Future Gymnastics
This year we will be holding our annual Club Competition on Sunday 24th March. All members of Future Gymnastics in Foundation and Development classes are welcome to participate, from our teeny 3 year olds to our very experienced older gymnasts.

Club Competition!

Club Competition is a fantastic chance for children to be able to participate in an exciting competition, in a relaxed and encouraging environment supported by their families, friends and coaches. 

We believe that winning and losing is such a big part of life and if we can instal some very positive associations with competing, being both graceful and supportive when winning as well as losing whilst encouraging friends and team members, then we will have an incredibly strong generation ahead.

Any member of Future Gymnastics (other than those in high performing Pro groups). There is no age limit, and we encourage new members to take part.
When you enter, the coaches will determine which level your child will be competing. There are 12 different levels. Within these levels we will also split the children into their age groups. Therefore if your child is on the Blueberry level, and is born in 2018, they will only be against other children the same level and the same age.
Competition groups are always small to allow as many gymnasts on the podiums as possible, but all gymnasts will receive a participation medal, certificate and a competition gift.
The coaches will work on a number of different levels and will then enter them at the level which will push them to show off new skills but also give them the optimum chance.

The competition is £15.00 per gymnast. 
Spectators are free and unlimited. You can bring as many members of the family as you’d like to come and support!

In the last few years we have run club competition from Coombe Wood over 2 weekends. However as we now have Merstham Park too, we will run from both venues on Sunday 24th March. All Coombe Wood gymnasts will be given priority for the Coombe Wood venue, and the same goes for Merstham Park gymnasts, however as Bandon Hill Woodfield venue doesn’t facilitate competitions, a small percentage of these gymnasts will be at Coombe Wood, and most will be competing at Merstham Park. 

Merstham Park School – RH1 3PU (23 minutes from Bandon Hill Woodfield)
Coombe Wood School – CR2 7HY (14 minutes from Bandon Hill Woodfield)

We can not give any accurate timings until we receive all entries. As soon as we know the number of gymnasts at each venue we can then arrange the schedule for the day according to ages and levels. Usually we are running from 8.30am until 5.30pm and can give you an accurate time shortly after the entry closing date. Your time slot will be no longer than 2 hours. (Usually around 90 minutes from start to finish). 

Gymnasts should wear a leotard and shorts. This does not need to be a future gymnastics leotard, it can be any type, as long as they are in smart gymnastics apparel.

If boys do not own a unitard they are permitted to wear a t-shirt that will not go over their head when they go upside down.

All long hair should be tied up, no jewellery or socks. No baggy tracksuit bottoms or hoodies will be able to be worn.

Gymnasts are able to have neat and tidy ‘competition hair’ with as much or as little hair spray and glitter as they wish! 

You will not be able to enter the competition after Friday February 17th, or when entries are full, which ever one comes sooner. After this date we will not be accepting any late entries as the running order begins to take shape and we will then have a few weeks to give everyone notice what time slot you have.

Please do not expect to be able to enter after this date, the online form will be removed.


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